Shipping Rates

We strive to offer a great product at a great price, and so we try our best to keep our delivery fees as simple and affordable as possible, we offer two types of shipping on our products depending on where you are located.

  • Local Delivery in Cape Town & Johannesburg for a flat fee of R850 for your total order (no matter how big)!!
  • National Delivery covers anywhere else in South Africa, for a flat fee of R1,500.

Delivery Process

We try our very best to delivery on or before the due date provided in our production confirmation email. If for any reason this is not possible we will get in contact to give you an update on your order status.

Upon completion of the last item of your order in our factory, you will be contacted by our logistics team to confirm delivery and arrange a suitable time for local delivery or provide estimate delivery time for national delivery.

Leadtime for deliveries:

  • Local Delivery will happen straight from factory and the day scheduled. Our delivery partner will be in contact with you once your items have collected and they are on-route.
  • National Delivery  to major city centres takes between 3 -5 days, for outlying areas this can be 6 - 10 days, as we require going through delivery partners DCs and coordinating with the area delivery schedule.

Deliveries are usually scheduled between 9:00 and 17:00 on weekdays unless special arrangements need to be made after hours or weekend deliveries.

Delivery times are approximate as they can be effected by traffic, difficult areas to access and breakdowns or circumstances beyond our control may cause delivery to be changed.

Note: Some areas, e.g. farms, high-risk or other remote villages may not be serviced by our contracted transporters. Should this be the case, the customer shall be contacted to discuss surcharges or alternative delivery options.

Delivery Guidelines

Before ordering please ensure you measure your entrance door and any narrow passages to ensure your new furniture item can fit safely into your new space

We make use of established and reputable delivery service providers to ensure your goods get to you safely.

We will do our best to place the goods in the desired location, provided there is reasonable access. It is your responsibility to ensure that the product can be delivered into your home and into their chosen location. It is essential therefore that you discuss any possible restrictions on access into your home. You should think in particular about vehicle access, lifts, tight corners and stairs etc.

Please note we insist our delivery partners unwrap all goods onsite to inspect for damage,  inspect all goods on delivery and must note on the POD any shortfalls or visible damage (do not sign it as unchecked), as we cannot accept liability for any damage reported to us at a later date

Delivery Date Change (urgent or delayed)

These things happen, sometimes plans change and timelines get moved out or forward. Please get in touch with us if you require a delivery date changes, we will do our very best to accommodate this.


Please get in touch with us if want ship to a location outside SA to neighbouring African countries. We will provide you with a quote for delivery of your order on request, Please email