Our friend: Simply Colour

Our friend: Simply Colour

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Simply Colour is an online paint brand by Shaves. They are locally produced & offer paint samples in the form of restickable vinyl sheets. Less effort & time to fix patchy walls. They focus on making painting easier and simpler than it’s ever been before.

Simply colour curate their range to 60 unique colours. So you know you have experts looking at trends on your favourite hues. 

The peel and stick swatches are big enough so you can get a real sense of what the paint colour will look like in your space. 

The paints are water-based and have no added chemicals. They’re better for you, better for your home and better for the environment too.

We have partnered with Simply Colour to feature our favourite spring and summer colour range. See those colours in action at our Table Ball Mall showroom & colour pops in our social media campaigns.

Shop your favourite colours @ Simplycolour.co.za